Financially support your team
with your everyday purchases

Football clubs need their supporters more than ever right now. The initial fan response to early season ticket sales and fundraising campaigns has been quite incredible. However, not everyone is in the position to donate money to their club. No matter how much their team means to them.

How works

Shop online as normal

Use a link to make a purchase and the online store pays out a commission.

Your club receives commission receives a commission and sends 100% of it to your club.

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Most frequent questions and answers

At the moment I’m looking to gather interest. If it proves to be something that football fans would be interested in then I’ll be looking to start building partnerships with different online retailers, service providers and marketplaces immediately.
Provided all goes well, we can expect to launch in mid-May.

The commission depends on the product or service purchased and the provider of the affiliate program. I’ll try to add all information on the commission available will be published next to each link.

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The possibilities are pretty much endless – from food shopping to phone contracts to car insurance to clothes. Initially I’ll be trying to partner up with the biggest retailers such as Amazon, ebay as well as service providers such as Uswitch and MoneySupermarket.
Once things are up and running I’ll focus on partnering with the companies who provide the best commission payouts so your clubs get more out of every purchase you make.

If your club doesn’t want to cooperate or if there’s any reason that prevents the payout going to your club, then the full sum will be donated to a charity – to be voted by email list subscribers.

My name is Ben and while I’m a St Johnstone supporter, I’m also a big fan of Scottish football in general.
Originally from a small village near Perth, I’ve been living and working in the Czech Republic for the past 4 years.
I work as a Marketing Consultant for a living. In short, my job is to help companies increase their revenue

I had the idea for during the early stages of the COVID pandemic as I noticed that with the loss of match day revenue, many clubs have turned to fans for support in order to keep afloat. 

However, not every supporter is in the position to part with cash, especially not during the current situation. 

So, I wanted to come up with a way that supporters could still support their team, without the pressure or burden of feeling they had to simply donate cash or make unnecessary and untimely purchases.

At the moment. Nothing at all. Any money earned will be paid out directly to your football club.
If the project proves to be successful then it will definitely be a nice feeling.

The time and cost of setting up the whole project is being absorbed by myself.

Perhaps in the future it may lead to some potential opportunities to work alongside or as part of the operations team of a football club. That’s the dream!


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